The Mapleton Chorale - How to Join

Join Us!

Mapleton Chorale is a mixed-voice community choir that rehearses weekly on Thursday evenings from September through May. The Chorale rehearses in the reception hall of the Mapleton City Community Center, located at 125 West 400 North in Mapleton. Interested singers 18 years or older are invited to audition for membership; Mapleton residency is not required. Auditions are held in August and January.

Audition Form

assignment Download Form

Here's what to expect during the audition:

  • Range check
  • Tonal memory (be able to listen to and reproduce a simple 5 note melody)
  • Sight reading (a short melody on a neutral syllable)
  • Prepare to sing "My Country 'Tis of Thee" (does not need to be memorized)

Audition forms should be downloaded from this website, completed, and sent to our secretary, Joanne Staheli.


Snail Mail

1932 E 190 N
Spanish Fork, UT 84660

Membership Expectations



Mapleton Chorale members are allowed three absences during the fall semester (Sept-Dec) and four absences during the spring semester (Jan-May). Absences should be reported to the section leader in advance of rehearsals. In addition, members are required to be in attendance at the dress rehearsal prior to a performance and are expected to participate in all performances unless excused by the director.



Chorale members are expected to work hard at rehearsals and also practice music on their own between rehearsals to learn parts. To facilitate learning parts, practice songs are posted on the “Members Only” page of the Mapleton Chorale website. In addition, each rehearsal is recorded and posted on the “Members Only” page of the Mapleton Chorale website the day after rehearsal.



Mapleton Chorale concerts are performed without written music, and members commit to any extra time needed beyond regular rehearsal to memorize music. Exceptions may be made in the case of a major choral work.



While the Chorale places a strong emphasis on developing healthy vocal technique, there are occasions when singers may be asked to sing with straight tone, depending on the style of the song. Members who naturally sing with a vibrato will be expected to straighten tone for any pieces that require a tone without vibrato to achieve the correct artistic product. Vocalists with a heavy vibrato who are unable to straighten the tone in order to achieve the choral blend will not be a good fit for the Mapleton Chorale.

Member Information

Rehearsal Schedule

The Chorale rehearses on Thursday evenings from 7:00 until 9:00 pm. Tuesday rehearsals may be held to accommodate holidays, as well as an occasional extra rehearsal to prepare for upcoming performances.

Concert Schedule

Mapleton Chorale performs at least two concerts each season in December and May. Additional mini-performances may be scheduled at local venues including community churches, care centers, etc. A rehearsal and performance calendar is provided to members at the beginning of each performance season.


Chorale members pay tuition each year as set by the Board. Tuition for the 2023-2024 season is $110.00. Tuition covers the cost of music and the operating expenses of the Chorale. All music purchased is owned by the Chorale. In addition, new members will need to purchase a concert folder at a cost of $16.00. Please note the Chorale does not receive funding from any civic entity and is totally supported by member tuition.


Mapleton Chorale has a standard uniform that members purchase and own. Uniforms (tux) for men are approximately $120.00. New women will need to purchase a top and skirt at a cost of $135-$145. There may be a possibility of purchasing used uniforms at a reduced cost from members who have left the Chorale. In addition to the uniform, women will need to purchase a necklace/earring set at a cost of $10.00.